Accounting Career Degree Options

Money is used and needed to conduct any form of business. This fact has established many careers dedicated to working with money. Accounting is one career that is highly valued by companies and individuals alike. Colleges offer degree programs at every level making accounting a popular educational path that delivers clear professional results.

The degree options available allow students to choose the program that best fits their needs and career goals. Students can expect to acquire the ability to record financial transactions for a business. This work is highly significant inside the workplace, which makes earning an education essential. Studies in accounting allow students to enter certificate, associates, bachelors, master’s, and master of business administration programs.

*Associate’s Degree in Accounting

The main focus of a two-year associate’s program is to provide students with the opportunity to gain entry-level jobs as assistants and bookkeepers. Learning focuses on teaching students about finance, management, marketing, and more. These industry basics are covered through specific courses that prepare students for work. A financial accounting course centers on the proper use of economic information to make decisions. Students learn how money circulates through a business. Topics include revenue, debt, inventory, income statement, and credit procedure. These are covered in main categories including accounting statements, financial statements, accounting cycles, and business transactions. This degree option is a good choice for students that want to enter the industry quickly and go back to school at a later time.

*Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

This option is predominantly the first choice made by students who are just starting their education. Earning a bachelor’s degree takes four years and is required for students to take licensing exams. The curriculum teaches students how to effectively measure and report on all the financial transactions of a business or an individual client. The main areas of accounting are explored including the audit process, analysis, and decision-making. A course on cost accounting may be included in a degree program. Colleges that offer this type of course teach students about standard, budget, inventory, accounting, and performance systems that lead to working with a business on their monetary needs. This information is coupled with statistics and finance examination that prepares students for their role in the profession.

*Master’s Degree in Accounting

This type of program takes approximately two years to complete and prepares students for advanced positions inside businesses. College’s focus on providing their students with the chance to fully explore real world situations and apply advanced accounting procedures to specific situations. Some courses could include auditing, taxation, and financial research. With students studying to enter top-level careers, working through a decision making course helps prepare them for leadership positions. The financial process is directly applied to decisions on assets, liabilities, equity loans, and business operations. A liability section of the course teaches students how to assess liability currently involved in businesses and future liability. These topics and more are discussed in a master’s degree program.

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